Monday, June 8, 2009

eeePC battery issues

Immediately after the practice race I put the eeePC away in its sleeve. About an hour later I pulled it out, only to discover that is was extremely hot - apparently it had not shut down properly and had overheated while unable to cool itself in the sleeve. I removed the battery and allowed it to cool. Fortunately, the eeePC still seems to work normally, however, the battery will no longer charge up - it remains at 33% charge no matter how long you charge it. So, it looks like the battery was thermally damaged somehow. I'll have to get it repaired or a new one - race day is a month away.

The bettery is indeed damaged. I haven't experimented with it yet but I suspect that the 33% reading is accurate and that's where this battery tops out now. Anyhow, I got a new 8800 mAh battery to replace it, and I'm going to try to get NCIX to replace my existing battery under warranty.

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